Warwick Equest

Equest is a leading supplier of test products to the detergent and allied industries worldwide.

Coronavirus Update:

You may have heard in the media that England will go into a 2nd lock-down from Thursday November 5th until 2nd December (to be confirmed). However, we do not anticipate the new lock-down will affect our production or supply.

If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact us directly. Equest


Since 1990 Equest has been a leading supplier of laboratory test products to the detergent and allied industries in Europe, Asia and the Americas. We supply a comprehensive range of fabrics stained using consumer relevant natural soils which allow our customers to benchmark stain removal performance.


Equest is part of Lubrizol. Lubrizol produces a range of speciality chemicals for Home Care applications that add value through improved functionality and performance.

Our aim is to deliver cost effective products and flexible services to assist your business development.

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Soiled laundry

The presence of soil in a wash affects the stain removal performance of a detergent. So to mimic as closely as possible consumer habits and practices in a laboratory, real consumer soiled laundry items are often included in performance testing. Such items help understand stain removal under more consumer relevant wash conditions. We can supply these articles to you.

Natural stains

Using stained test fabrics in lab testing will help you understand technically how well a laundry detergent formulation performs against competitive products or alternative development prototypes. We provide a range of natural consumer relevant stained test fabrics to help you assess stain removal performance.

Specialist services

Our range of specialist services can assist you in product development and gaining a broader understanding of your markets. Retrieval of competitors products and manufacture of product demonstration kits for use in supermarkets to demonstrate new product benefits and initiatives both help tailor products to consumer needs.