Warwick Equest


AISE v.5 Monitor

The stains used within the AISE minimum test protocol for detergent performance are commonly known as the AISE stain set and the natural stains stipulated are available from Warwick Equest. Stains are available individually or as a multi-stain monitor, in each case the stains are 5cm in diameter, and are produced on knitted cotton fabric.

Specific stains

Stain Code Response
Red wine WE5RWWKC Bleachable
Tomato puree WE5TPWKC Bleachable
Carrot baby food WE5IACBFW KC Bleachable
Cooked beef WE5BBWKC Greasy
Mustard WE5FSMWK C Bleachable
Grass and Mud WE5GMWKC Bleachable
Blood WE5DASBW KC Enzymatic
Tea WE5LTWKC Bleachable
Coffee WE5ECWKC Bleachable

A.I.S.E. developed the first detergent test protocol in 2009 and updated it in 2013. It is used by detergent manufacturers and other interested parties such as consumer organisations and testing institutes.

Warwick Equest is a leading supplier of test products to the detergent and allied industries worldwide.

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