Warwick Equest

Bespoke stains

Warwick Equest can work with you to develop specific laboratory test products. This may include the use of new stain types, new stain applications or new fabric substrates.

Warwick Equest Limited offers a bespoke service, this includes:

Customer Supplied Stains

Stains that can be sourced by ourselves or by our customers and supplied to Warwick Equest to produce stains.  This enables you to evaluate stain removal performance using stains which are highly applicable to a wide range of geographies.

Stains on Non Standard Fabrics

Warwick Equest can also source fabrics that are not on our standard list and use these to produce e.g. stains on silks, wools and fabrics with specific finishes.

Product Development

In conjunction with our customers, Warwick Equest can develop new stains to suit the their requirements.

Warwick Equest is a leading supplier of test products to the detergent and allied industries worldwide.

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