Warwick Equest

Multi-stain monitors

A swatch stained with a selection of stains (up to 16) is known as a multi stain monitor. Using this product reduces the time taken to tag swatches onto backing cloths before using in performance testing compared to using individual stains.

Also for our customers with spectrophotometers capable of taking multiple readings simultaneously, colour measurement is more rapid using a multi stained swatch.

Handmade production

The nature of the multistain monitors made by handmade production is highly flexible. Handmade multistain monitors can be produced on all fabrics and the nature and order of the stains can be specified to your exact rquirements. Coloured fabrics are also used as a substrate for oil based stains which are sometimes difficult to see visually. The size of the stained circles can be varied from 2.5cm-5cm. Stains can be applied on knitted cotton, woven cotton, polyester:cotton and polyester.

Standard monitors

A standard hand made monitor is available which comprises 2.5cm stained circles on white knitted cotton fabric with the following stains applied: baby food, tea, spaghetti sauce, makeup, clay, carrot juice, blood, curry sauce, cooked butter, grass, chocolate dessert, red wine, used engine oil, animal fat & dye, garden peat.

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