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Natural stains

Using stained test fabrics in lab testing will help you understand technically how well a laundry detergent formulation performs against competitive products or alternative development prototypes.

The stained test fabrics are washed under controlled conditions in the presence of detergent and removal of the stain is measured. In this way the performance of different products can be quantified.

A comprehensive range of stained test fabrics

We manufacture a comprehensive range of stained test fabrics using natural, consumer relevant soils to reflect the stains which a laundry detergent must remove including food soils, particulate soils and cosmetic soils.

Selecting a range of consumer relevant stains allows you to technically judge what a consumer will see in practice. All our stained test products are natural consumer relevant soilings which are not heat treated or aged but appear as a consumer would see in the wash basket.

As there are a range of differing techniques to assess stain removal from visual panel testing to spectrophotometers various formats of stained test fabrics are available which include stain circles, stain lines and multi stain monitors. The use of Warwick Equest stained test monitors are stipulated in certain standard test methods for assessment of detergents. For example in test protocols documented by AISE the use of specific Warwick Equest stains is stated.

Warwick Equest is a leading supplier of test products to the detergent and allied industries worldwide.

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Natural stains

We provide a range of natural consumer relevant stained test fabrics to help you assess stain removal performance.