Warwick Equest

Product updates

Automatic Dish Wash Monitors

Consumer relevant solutions that are easy to use and provide a time and cost efficient alternative or pre-screening solution to current testing methods.

Evaluated by performing a series of wash tests under European ADW conditions using an in-house prepared detergent and commercially available enzymes.

Broad evaluation based on desired conditions or responses, such as enzymatic response of tough soils. Currently commercially available monitors include Egg on Steel, Crème Brulee on Ceramic and Tea on Porcelain .

Continued development focused around consumer-relevant stains and substrates.

Please get in touch to discuss or receive further information, samples and documentation regarding these monitors.

Home Care Developments

Products tailor made to meet customer and market requirements.

Multi-responsive set of stains available on carpets, including polypropylene carpet.

We also have dedicated modern facilities available to conduct studies based on a variety of conditions and methodologies.

Laundry Developments

Targeted development of stains responsive to new technologies i.e. enzyme responsive stains, including Curry Sauce and Pasta Sauce for Amylase.

Multi-responsive set of stains on a variety of fabrics, including synthetic materials.

Regional stain offerings, including ASTM stains available on cotton, polycotton and polyester, and lower temperature Asian and US Sets.