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Soiled laundry

The presence of soil in a wash affects the stain removal performance of a detergent. So to mimic as closely as possible consumer habits and practices in a laboratory, real consumer soiled laundry items are often included in performance testing. Such items help understand stain removal under more consumer relevant wash conditions. We can supply these articles to you.

In a consumer wash load soil is present on all items through the day to day use and wearing of articles. Our natural stained test fabrics are designed to mimic as closely as possible the types of individual stains which frequently occur on items in a wash load. But to mimic real consumer wash practises, soiled items must also be included in performance testing to represent the general level of soil present as this greatly influences the performance of a detergent.

PDF downloads showing effects of real soiling

Real items, collected from households

We collect soiled white items from households and grade them into a light, medium or heavily soiled load categories. The real items collected deliver the full range of soils which occur in a consumers household e.g. food soils on tea towels, body soils on clothing and particulate soils on towels. Including such soiled items in testing enables scientists to better see how a detergent will perform under more realistic conditions than under a clean load condition which does not reflect consumer practise.

All consumer items available are white and include:

Items can be supplied as whole garments or cut into sections (for example shirt collars can be cut off shirts). We can also label the items ready for testing as designed by the customer.

Warwick Equest is a leading supplier of test products to the detergent and allied industries worldwide.

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