Warwick Equest

Whiteness monitors

One aspect of laundry detergent performance is its ability to prevent greying of white fabrics over multi-cycle washing i.e keeping whites white! Greying is caused by dye transfer or redeposition of soil or fugitive dyes.

Assess greying

To evaluate greying in the laboratory, the addition of new, clean fabrics to the wash cycle is common practise. The whiteness of the fabrics is compared before and after washing to quantify the greying effect.

A selection of new, clean fabrics are available at Warwick Equest to assess greying (terry toweling, knitted cotton, woven cotton, polyester, polyester cotton). Each fabric can be cut to the size needed and is usually supplied as a 20cm x 20cm swatch. We can also overlock the edges of the fabric to prevent fraying.

Warwick Equest is a leading supplier of test products to the detergent and allied industries worldwide.

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